Family violence

“Family Violence is a Choice”

The home is becoming one of the most violent places in America due to the increase in Family Violence. Family Violence AKA intimate partner violence is where one partner uses against the other abusive behavior(s) that physically harm, arouses fear or prevents the partner from doing what she/he desires. Intimate Partner violence cuts across all socioeconomic groups, races, married, unmarried heterosexuals, lesbians and gay males.

No one can make you abusive—it’s a choice you make. You just don’t commit family violence acts out of the blue you choose to be abusive. For many, family violence has become a habit. Most of people who commit acts of family violence often state that they loss control. When you are violent you are not losing control, in essence you make choices to gain control of the other person or the situation. Family violence begins with a choice and it ends with a choice of self-responsibility. You can choose to be violent or respectful and accountable. By making choices that lead to the respect and dignity of your partner, children, or significant others, family violence can cease to exist in your relationships. In essence, the family violence intervention program is about transforming your life by your choices and actions and developing the skills for making quality choices that lead to positive and healthy relationships.

Program Description:

The Family Violence Intervention Program is designed to help individuals take responsiblity and accountability for their thinking, feeling, and behaviors and to stop the violence in their families and relationships. The program’s guiding principles are accountability and responsibility. Groups are designed specifically to promote and teach responsible and accountable behaviors. The program is based on a holistic approach to stopping both immediate violence and abuse and the trans-generational aspects of family violence. We offer programs for both male and female perpetrators.

Length of Program: 24 weeks

Groups: Gender specific

Step One: Contact the program via phone 404-523-6074 or by email to schedule an appointment for the intake.

Step Two: The intake will consist of a family violence interview that is designed gather information about your history and the abusive incident and to sign other program forms. After the interview, you will be provided with days and times to select the group you will be attending. At that time, a letter of confirming your enrollment in the program will be forwarded to the appropriate referral source.

Step Three: You will participate in an orientation that will describe how to get the most out of the program, program rules, and answer your questions or concerns.

Step Four: You will start on the date, day and time you selected. Once starting the program, you must keep us apprised of your compliance hearing with the court or with your probation officer in order that a letter verifying your attendance can be provided to the referral source. Also, you will be asked to update your address and phone number regularly during your enrollment.

Step Five: Failure to attend the groups, repeat violence, or unexcused absences will initiate contact with your referral source regarding your status.